In accordance to internal Act and ITTE GmbH Regulation’s, we are seeking for the skilled workers for the following Job position, specified at international classification :

2151 Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineer.


  1. Conduct research and technical assistance on, design and direct the construction and operation of electrical systems, components, motors and equipment, and advise on and direct their functioning, maintenance and repair,  study and advise on technological aspects of electrical engineering

Materials, products, systems and infrastructure processes.

  • Participate in the field and office works in technical assistance of design, direct installation, configuration and commissioning processes of the electrical material, components, electrical system infrastructure, electrical transformers stations, UPS systems, rectifiers, chargers, solar systems, energy storage systems, HVAC systems, Fire suppression and fire prevention systems, Access control and monitoring systems and other similar works. Specifically at industry, telecomm base station sites, gas stations, university campuses, commercial centers, trade centers, restaurants, stadiums-sport centers and houses.
  • Participate in the acquisition processes, including and not limited to: assessment of the power capacities in industry, telecomm base station sites, home, gas stations, commercial centers, university campuses, stadiums and sport centers to propose and design data centers, solar capacity installations, energy storage systems, UPS-is, charging facilities.
  • Participate in training of the users for installed systems or/and components.
  • Plan and conduct all works related to maintenance and support of the data centers, solar systems, energy storage facilities, UPS systems and charging facilities
  • Participate in the BMS and SCADA system design, installation, implementation and support.

Location of the business activity.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Western Balkans

Salary: In accordance to qualification skills, following the best practices in direct negotiations with manager of HR.

Tasks include –

3113 Electrical Engineering Technicians

Electrical engineering technicians perform technical tasks to aid in electrical engineering research and in the design, manufacture, assembly, construction, operation, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, facilities and distribution systems.

Tasks include –

(a) providing technical assistance in research on and development of electrical equipment and facilities, or testing prototypes;

(b)  designing and preparing blueprints of electrical installations and circuitry according to the specifications given;

(c) preparing detailed estimates of quantities and costs of materials and labour required for manufacture and installation, according to the specifications given;

(d)  monitoring technical aspects of the manufacture, installation, utilization, maintenance and repair of electrical systems and equipment to ensure satisfactory performance and compliance with specifications and regulations;

(e) planning installation methods, checking completed installations for safety and controls or undertaking the initial running of the new electrical equipment or systems;

(f) assembling, installing, testing, calibrating, modifying and repairing electrical equipment and installations to conform with regulations and safety requirements.

Some of the occupations clasdified elswere, which can be appropriate for this job position.

  • Electrical engineering technician
  • Electric power transmission engineering technician
  • Electronics engineering technician
  • Power production plant operator
  • Electrical mechanic

Further we specify occupations classified in ISCO classification, who can apply for job position described above:

Electrical engineer

Electric power generation engineer

Electromechanical engineer

Electronics engineer – 2152

Broadcast engineer – 2153

Telecommunications engineers – 2153

Job conduction locations:

The jobs advertised here will be conducted in the following locations:

  • Germany and Austria EU area, Switzerland, Western Balkans
    • Salary: In accordance to qualification skills, following the best practices in direct negotiations with manager of HR.

The work can be conducted in the Telecomm Tower’s, Roof-tops, Roofs, specific platforms, in the indoor areas, outdoor, green field’s and private commercial facilities.

How to apply:

All candidates to submit the following documents:

  1. CV in the EU format including description of the specific works conducted last 10 years, References, particular certifications, especially for works at height and Rescue
  2. Diploma of the Education / High school / professional school verified copy
  3. Commitment to work in the specified locations.
  4. Reference letter from at least two companies or institutions.

Note: Since the works will be conducted in specific areas, the candidate might need to get security clearance of the specific degree at the residence institution.

All applications have to be submitted in the web site: Apply or e-mail: [email protected] with the subject: with the subject: Application for the position 2151.