We deliver planning, design, and field solutions for all types of telecommunication projects, including public and private wireline and wireless networks, fiber broadband networks, distribution modernization, and smart cities. These solutions support all stages of network development from concept 5G through commissioning.


Based on the experience gained by our teams from completed projects, we are able to offer services of deployment, implementation, integration and maintenance for numerous applications and systems, as follows:


•      Passive and active network infrastructure: wireless, copper and fiber-based (Wi-Fi, Microwave, GPON, WDM, etc.)
•      Telecom base stations (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G capable)
•      Telecom antennas on towers and roof masts with complete transmission infrastructure
•      Microwave communication systems
•      Access Network Infrastructure Solutions
•      Core infrastructure systems (Core Network)
•      Network transport systems (Transport Network)
•      Site survey of telecom sites, definition of site installation plans
•      Construction of telecommunications rooms and shelters
•      Telecom cabinets and shelves
•      Rectifiers and DC systems
•      Infrastructure management, monitoring, and remote control systems
•      Environmental monitoring systems, rack cabinets, and accessories
•      Faraday special room (Faraday cage) delivery and installation
•      Build the electrical infrastructure of sites and cabinets
•      Architectural/construction projects
•      Wi-Fi Systems, Carrier, Offload, Call, etc.
•      Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions
•      Communication encryption systems


•      Field Installation Engineer
•      Field installation teams
•      Installation work at height, on towers, masts, antenna masts, radio masts, etc.
•      Maintenance services at different levels, on site 24/7, 365 days a year


The professional experience and successful projects of ITTE GmbH in the field of telecommunications services continue to attract customers who want to work with us. In order to meet this increasing demand, we have continuously expanded our organization with professional staff and acquired new tools for continuous process improvement and increased productivity, which enable us to manage entire projects independently.

With our strong technical expertise, results-oriented culture and excellent brand image, ITTE GmbH is well positioned to play a critical role in mobile and broadband operator implementation processes.

We are confident to offer our services for future technologies, including further expansion of 5G networks, expansion of network capacities to cope with high data demand, as well as active participation in the implementation of 5G networks that require additional sites to accommodate billions of communication devices and terminals.

We provide professional work at height service teams who are experienced, trained and certified to perform installation work on towers, masts, rooftop sites, etc. ITTE offers complete installation of a telecom site: cellular base stations, telecom closets, cabling, antennas, radios, power connection, power supply, backup power and testing.